IMG_4275About Me

I approach style in the same way I do drawing, painting, and writing. I view style as another outlet for creativity and self-expression. Through observation, reflection and creative response I am able to tell my style stories.

On my style journey I have met many creative souls who accompanied me along the way. Most were women, but there were men who inspired me, too. Why Frida Kahlo? I was a young art student looking for my own creative vision. There were not many women artists being highlighted when I was studying art in college, but there were some waiting to tell their story. Frida Kahlo was the first great woman artist I discovered. I stood before her work and knew I found a singular artist with a story to tell. A story that required a fierce vision, a formidable will and the resolve to carve out a new path were few women rarely traveled. A determined woman who endured pain, derision, and betrayal yet succeeded against all odds. Frida told her own story through painting, words, and her style….and it is an incredible story. Through the art she created, and the story of her life, she marked my trail. I have followed that trail and discovered more artists, writers, poets, musicians. It has been a journey of a lifetime.