Tessellated Style


Escher created many fabulous optical illusions through the use of tessellations.  As a math instructor, I was always fascinated by tessellations as were my students.  Today’s outfit features a jacket using a tessellated  pattern in shades of silver and black. 

I found this jacket in a Door County, Wisconsin boutique in August of 2015.  I was with a friend that day and we were heading to Mr. Helsinki’s for one of their fabulous crepe deserts.  We were a little distracted by the boutique next door and decided to make a quick detour. The minute I saw this piece I knew it was made for me.   My friend, Chris, looked at me as I held up this jacket for her to see and said, “That’s you!”  Chris is the friend you want to take shopping with you as she always gives you an honest assessment.  If she gives the nod to your choice…you know that it will be a keeper.  When I walked out of the dressing room wearing the jacket, she scanned me head-to-toe and and told me I had to get it.   It was a lucky day!  I love this piece and packed it on my cruise through the Mediterranean six weeks later.  On our tour through Aix-en-Provence, I received many complements on this jacket.  I was actually stopped in the streets with inquiries…and yes…the French ladies were lovely and spoke perfect English…for which I was extremely grateful.  They were also very stylish, which made the complement even more precious!


Underneath the Escher-like jacket is the smoke grey, digital-print silk top from Dogstar clothing.  I have it layered over a black long-sleeve layering tee.   The black leather origami handbag is from Turtle Ridge Gallery and the chain-mail necklace was hand-made by  a French-Canadian designer, Mireille DeBray, of BijouxMirareJewelry  on Etsy. She does do custom orders.



A close up of the jacket’s tessellating pattern.