Watching the Watchman



Today’s post features a trio of stylings that are built around my Dogstar clothing , Watchman skirt.  The first picture shows the simplest styling.  I have paired my Watchman skirt with a white blouse and cinched it at the waist with my Marni belt.  This is the foundation for all the stylings.  This foundation….Watchman skirt, white blouse and Marni belt…. also includes my Ben Amun necklace, Steve Madden black velvet boots, and black jet earrings along with my black vintage Bakelite Bangles.   The Marni belt and Ben Amun necklace were found at the online consignment site, The RealReal.  The Steve Madden black velvet boots were purchased at Nordstrom last September, and most of my Bakelite bangles were found at an online resale collective, Ruby Lane.


This set of pictures add several pieces to the outfit foundation I have described in the top-most photo.  I have added my Aka Tombo Millinery hat. It is a modern version of a Victorian Riding hat…veil and all!  I also have on a gray ruffle knit asymmetrical shawl from Anthropologie.  My late friend, Carolyn, gave me this piece as a Christmas present around 10 years ago.  It is a lovely piece with one half sleeve and a button front.






A closer view of some of the details of the outfit.

In the  final set of pictures I switched out my Victorian Riding hat for my new Steampunk feather hat from Lilliput Millinery.  I found this during my annual shopping trip to the Chicago One-of-a-Kind Show. The first week of December of every year,(there is also a show in Spring as well),  I make the track downtown Chicago to the Merchandise Mart.  I am fortunate to be able to shop the show with a real hat aficionado, nancyfanc1.   We found this hat at the Lilliput Millinery stall.  I loved it the moment I saw it.  I was tempted by some very striking Frida Kahlo hats full of red blooms, but this hat won out over all the others.  My husband gave me a generous “Christmas Gift Allowance”.  He does this every year as he knows how much fun my friend and I have spending the day among so many artisan treasures.  I think between us, my friend and I walked out with six hats!



 I found my artist coat in a little boutique in the late seventies.  This was about the time credit cards were being introduced, but the internet was not even on the horizon.  I found a little boutique, The Chic Boutique, tucked in a corner of a shopping mall when I was in my early twenties.  I had just started my first full-time job.  The Chic Boutique carried mostly European designers that were starting to make their mark in the fashion world:  Cacharel, Armani, Christian Joss. I began building my wardrobe from pieces created by this small group of designers and this artist coat was one of my first purchases.  The Chic Boutique offered a very generous Lay-Away plan.  I chose carefully and then paid my Lay-Away off before I made another purchase.  It took several months, but the pieces have stood the test of time.